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Year 3

Curriculum map year 3 2018-19

Year 3 maths overview

National Curriculum – A guide for parents – Year 3

Year 3  spellings

Homework grid term 1

3JD: class teacher is Jackie Drake, supported by Emma Quinton.

3SG/HW: class teachers are Simon Gunningham (Mon, Tues, Wednesday mornings) and Hannah WIlberforce (Wed afternoons, Thurs, Fri), and supported by Angie King.


In Autumn, term we are learning about Ancient Egypt – especially the mummies!! We will be locating Egypt on a map of the world and learning about the environment of the country. We will then investigate who the Pharaohs were and find out about burial and mummification. We will learn about the Egyptian Gods and write Egyptian adventure and mystery stories – gaining idea from our key text ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ written by Emma Carroll.

In Spring, we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will be delving into the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and their settlements in Britain. We will be looking at Celtic art and the influence of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings upon Celtic designs. We shall also explore some weaving and how they played the Germanic strategy game Tafl. .

In Summer, our focus is Africa. In science, we will have a chance to investigate animals of Africa, in order to classify them and investigate their habitats. For our music lessons we will be learning African songs and the history behind them. In maths lessons we will be explore measurement data for a range of species found in the African savannah.

Home learning

We have now launched our new ‘home learning grid’, which is full of exciting and engaging activities based on our class topics. Each term a new grid will be supplied, which contains 8-9 activity ideas – children are to choose 3-4 to complete with the expectation of being completed by the end of the term. Alongside, children are encouraged to continue to read at home and practise times tables.

Spelling is to focus on the year 3/4 National Curriculum spelling list. Children shall be tested in class and sent home with a list of which spellings they need to learn each week, in preparation for in school tests on a Friday. In addition to this, we will be learning ‘spelling patterns’ across the week using fun activities – these will not be sent home to learn.

Reading at home is expected to take place a minimum of three times each week. Once you have read with your child please date/log the page number and leave a comment. Reading records will be looked at each week and when a child has read to an adult in school it will be logged in the reading record books.


PE is on Monday and Thursday. It is best for all children to have a PE kit on their pegs to enable participation in all activities.


Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled as it helps the children to identify their own belongings. Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months and also please encourage your child to bring a named water bottle to school every day.


Please let the school and your child’s class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. If your child needs to be on a course of medication then please complete the relevant form which is kept in the school office.