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Year 3

Curriculum map year 3 2017-18

National Curriculum – A guide for parents – Year 3

Year 3 is the first class in Lower Key Stage 2 phase and is the transitional year from KS1 where children are encouraged to take appropriate risks, as they continue their exciting journey into the juniors. Each classroom is stimulating, encouraging and vibrant; from interactive displays to working walls, both classrooms are organised so that children can learn in a variety of ways and celebrate success.

3JD: class teacher Ms Julie Dickson, supported by Mrs Marian Newman. Mrs Tessa Clark teaches 3JD on Wednesday mornings. 

3SG/TC: class teachers Mrs Tessa Clark (Wed afternoons, Thurs, Fri), and Mr Simon Gunningham (Mon, Tues, Wednesday mornings), supported by Mrs Angie King


In Autumn Term, the children embark on their learning journey through the engaging topic of Ancient Egypt. They investigate the science of the mummification process; explore light and dark before moving on to experiment with forces and friction. For literacy, learning is stimulated through diary writing, the history of pharaohs, exploring the Gods, hieroglyphics and comparisons between modern day Egypt and the Ancient world. The math focus is on measurement, shape and data handling as the children deepen their knowledge of number sense. Formal methods for addition and subtraction using up to 3 digit numbers are learnt and written methods of multiplication are introduced. The topic includes an exciting trip to Brighton Museum to visit the Egyptian exhibition and take part in an interactive lesson on mummification.

In Spring Term, learning is stimulated through the topic of Raiders and Traders. This focuses on the Anglo-Saxons in Britain and the arrival (and impact) of the Vikings. Maths uses the topic to engage the children in learning to use and apply their knowledge of time, fractions, multiplication and short division. Raiders and Traders inspires literacy progression through story development, retelling and creative writing. Art is encouraged with the creation of illuminated letters, clay models and shield making. Science investigations include magnetism, forces, and the life processes of plants.

Summer Term delves deep into the heart of Africa with the Born Free topic. With an emphasis on the environments and characteristics of elephants and other animals, the children express their literacy learning through writing information texts, chronological accounts and poetry. Lessons focus on the key issues including global warming and Water Aid and encourage the children to draw comparisons between their surroundings and lifestyle and those of the Masai tribes. In science, the children will investigate animal habitats and conservation, fossils and rocks. Maths progression continues with fractions.

All key maths topics are revisited to embed and secure the children’s knowledge and understanding in preparation for Year 4. A school trip to Drusilla’s Zoo further inspires their learning.

Foundation subjects are interspersed throughout the school year, encouraging the children to explore, gain confidence and learn through Computing, French, Music, Art and Design, Design and Technology and Religious Education.

Throughout the school year, children are encouraged to participate in Home Learning with reading, weekly spellings and times table challenges. They will be asked to revisit 2s, 5s and 10s and learn 3s, 4s and 8s. During half term holidays larger creative tasks are in place and from time to time smaller pieces of work are set to consolidate or extend classroom learning.

In addition, all children are given a ‘My Maths’ log in and password and encouraged to explore the website and deepen their subject knowledge and confidence in maths.

PE is taught on Mondays and Thursdays. Please provide a clearly labelled, full PE kit, to be in school every day during term time to enable all children to participate in gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor games.