Wallands Community

Primary School

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Wallands School Vision and Values

At Wallands Community Primary we have a clear vision for our school which unites children, staff, families and governors.

Our vision:

We will promote a love of learning, delivering the curriculum in a rich, varied and creative way through offering high quality teaching, setting high expectations and maximising the benefits of our unique setting and diverse community. We will build on our commitment to being an inclusive school by nurturing and supporting all of our children and fostering a sense of belonging. We are determined that all children will achieve their full potential, through a focus on the development of knowledge and vocabulary. We will challenge them to be independent, active and reflective lifelong learners.

Our School Charter Values:

At Wallands Community Primary School we:

  • have high aspirations and have ambitious hopes and dreams for the future
  • ensure everyone knows that they have rights and responsibilities
  • take pride in ourselves, in our school and in being part of a community
  • demonstrate cooperation and know we learn best by working together and listening to each other’s ideas
  • show resilience by learning from our mistakes and persevering to be the best we can be
  • are kind to each other and think about other peoples’ feelings

Our School Charter

Our six values are displayed as the 6 branches of a tree. These are: Aspiration, Responsibility, Pride, Cooperation, Resilience and Kindness. 


The values link to the behaviours we want to develop in our children to be successful learners. Each of our values is also linked to a learning behaviour animal. Charter stars and certificates are awarded to children who put the school values into action.