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Wallands Children on the BBC

On Thursday 25th April, ten girls from Wallands along with others from Lewes schools, spent the day with the Mayor to explore their hopes and dreams for the future.

The girls appeared on BBC news , watch the clip here, they appear at 14 minutes in.

Well done girls, you did us proud!


School Council Assembly

Last term, the school council asked children from all classes to complete a questionnaire about what they think about our school. There were 92 children from year 1 to 6 who took part in the survey. Here are some highlights:

Most children believe that adults care for them at school, that they learn a lot and that teachers expect them to do their best.

Disappointingly, only 40% of children believed that their work was celebrated in school.

The school council is taking these results and thinking about what they can do to further improve the school. If you have suggestions, you can help out by posting suggestions in one of our school council boxes. One is made by Isobel and can be found near reception. The other box, made by Joss is near the dining hall.

Reported by Lara, Scarlet, Mia and Saffron (press team)


Wallands Winter Term – from our press team

Another year has flown by for Wallands Primary School with big hits such as:

The Christmas Play! The annual Christmas play is probably one of the school’s favourite times of the year. People practise hard with either reciting, learning their steps or singing. Even better, each year we try to raise money for charities and this year we have raised over £100 for several good causes and it is amazing how it all comes together.

Once again the extraordinary Wassail was back! Talented children (and that’s all of them at Wallands) put on entertainment for the families – everyone is on the edge of their seats! This year there was singing, dancing, comedy, magic, puppetry, acting, gymnastics and much more. Even the teachers got involved!

The woodchip area is finally back in action. We have a new addition to Wallands which everyone seems to love – it’s the slide! There is always a queue of children waiting to wizz down the slide!

Finally, get your helmets on because it is time for bike ability. It is fun, exciting and the cool! There are three stages. Firstly, there is an introduction, so you know what to do. Then you ride around the school learning about signalling. Then lastly, the third stage is going out on the road to practise being in more difficult situations.

Thanks for reading!

Reported by: Mia, Lara, Scarlet and Saffron (press team)