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At the end of the Summer Term 2016 the ‘committees’ ended. Since then, we have been a Board of Governors with individual portfolios.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted c/o Wallands School or via email chair@wallandscp.e-sussex.sch.uk

Name Surname Appointing Body Position/Portfolio Register of Interests Start Date End Date
Holly Aquilina Vice-Chair of Governors Wider Curriculum Parent at the school. Works at ESCC, SLES and CET department. 21/09/2017 20/09/2021
Debbie Collis Staff – Headteacher Ex-Officio Headteacher None recorded. 01/09/2016 31/08/2041
Caroline Croft Co-opted by Full Governing Body Equality and Diversity  Governor Parent at the school. Director of Patina. Equality and Diversity Officer, Sussex Downs College 14/03/2019 13/03/2023
Noah Curthoys Co-opted by Full Governing Body Chair of Governors, ESCC Training Link Governor, SEND and Governance Parent at the school. Lay Member, Tower Hamlets CCG and Vice-Chair. Director, Northshott Consulting. Director, Bridgenor Associates. Senior Partner, Democratic Society. 18/03/2019 17/03/2023
Kylie Gibney Appointed by current staff Staff Governor Works at the school. 19/07/2017 18/07/2021
Fiona Large Co-opted by Full Governing Body Deputy Headteacher Works at the school. 04/09/2017 3/09/2021
Alison Moore Co-opted by Full Governing Body Higher Performing Children Governor Parent at the school. Employed by East Sussex County Council, Communications Digital Team. 30/11/2017 29/11/2021
Karen Morse Co-opted by Full Governing Body Staff Governor Avon Rep. Works at the school. 18/03/2019 17/03/2023
Mark Pearson Co-opted by Full Governing Body Data Performance Governor Parent at the school. Employed by Surrey Wildlife Trust. 30/11/2017 29/11/2021
Alan Read Parent elected Vice-Chair of Governors, Tech and eSafety Governor Parent at the school. Employed by Pearson. The school purchased the Bug Club literacy programme from Pearson, for which Alan arranged a 50% discount under the Pearson Friendly School Scheme. 26/11/2015 25/11/2019
Sara Russet Co-opted by Full Governing Body Pupil Premium Governor Parent at the school. Programme Manager, Mercers’ Company. Trustee, Home Start, East Sussex. 21/09/2017 20/09/2021
Daniel Salter Parent governor Safe-Guarding Governor Parent at the school 1/2/2019 31/1/2023
Anthony Smith Co-opted by Full Governing Body Executive Headteacher Executive Head of Priory and Wallands CP School.
Tracey Smith Co-opted by Full Governing Body Health and Safety Governor Parent at the school. Employed by Sport Business Group. 21/09/2017 20/09/2021
Associate members
Laura Halliwell Associate Member Parent at the school. Self employed theatre and arts practitioner. 21/09/2017 20/09/2021
Past governors
Carl Wonfor Associate Member Director, 195 High Street Management Company Ltd. Shareholder, Lewes Community Football Club. 22/09/2016 21/09/2017
Fiona Escott Associate Member Works at the school. 05/09/2016 21/07/2017
Sandra Everett Associate Member 01/01/2013 22/07/2016
Deborah Gordon Staff – Headteacher Ex-Officio 01/09/2009 31/08/2016
Zoe Hurlock Appointed by current staff Works at the school. 27/11/2013 08/03/2017
Jane Reid Co-opted 18/03/2015 01/09/2016
Carl Wonfor Co-opted 18/03/2015 21/09/2016
Ruth O’Keefe Associate Member Councillor, Lewes District Council Councillor, Lewes Town Council Councillor. Western Road School Associate Governor. Pells Pool Community Association Director. Lewes Town Partnership Director. The White House Management Company Ltd Director and Secretary. Stanley Turner Advisory Committee Member 23/09/2016 23/09/2016
Helen Perris Vice-chair of governors Parent at the school. Director of Photography Firm / APM Studios Ltd. 15/9/2018 14/09/2021
Karen Sanford Co-opted by Full Governing Body None recorded. 14/5/2016 31/5/2019
Natalie Swallow Co-opted by Full Governing Body Head of HR Operations, The Pensions Regulator. 17/6/2015 16/6/2019
Sarah Neels Parent elected Parent at the school. Parish Clerk of St Ann (Without). Co-Chair of Nevill Residents Association. Joint Housing Secretary on the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 06/05/2016 05/05/2020
Kevin Scott Appointed by Local Authority Finance Governor Director, Herbert Scott Ltd / Director, Herbert Scott Financial Management Ltd. 05/09/2012 21/09/2020